welcome arabians

Above: "Higher Places", oil painting by Rita Faye deLeon


    WELCOME ARABIANS: registered purebred Arabians 


These are not just Arabian horses: they have been bred for several generations for the specific purpose of  endurance, competitive trail riding, pleasure trail riding, and racing.  They are bred for  top  quality in conformation, soundness, disposition and athletic ability.  Welcome Arabian horses are in demand on on all levels: Local, National and  International!

 NEWS  BLAST:  Susan Summers sent us this picture of their great success at the Milwaukee Rail Trail Endurance Ride!! right: Dennis Summers and OH SUSANNA ("PEACH"): FIRST PLACE AND BEST CONDITION on the 80 miler! left of him" is Susan Summers on wma STEADFAST ("BONGO") SECOND PLACE AND HIGH VET SCORE on the 80, and the chestnut to the left of her is WMA SEAWALKER ("CHUNKY MONKEY") who took a 5th on the 50 miler with Kendal Ingraham!  Congratulations to all three riders and all three Welcome Arabian bred horses!

 UPDATE NEWSBLAST!!  November 1st 2015: another 50 miler win for  Sue and "CHUNKY MONKEY" and second place right behind her Dennis on "PEACH". They also tied for BEST CONDITION!

ABOVE: CATFISH MOE AND WMA FIRELIGHT. CONGRATULATIONS! Both mares are now one star qualified toward the world equestrian games! sired by THE KENTUCKIAN, out of a Wiking daughter. We have 3/4 brothers and sisters for sale!

 Darlene Batson reports that "WMA BALLERINA finished her first 25 mile Endurance ride at Rock Bridge Canyon, Hodges, Alabama. Got all A's from the vet and she ran beautiful! A good minded horse! Thank you for a well bred horse! I could really count on her and we rode as one! Couldn't be more pleased with her!" She is by THE KENTUCKIAN out of a Monarch ah daughter.



CATFISH MOE  purchased WMA BURNING FIRE and her full sister WMA FIRELIGHT in 2015  from Welcome Arabians, and proceeded to win in Endurance competitions in California. Now, April 2016, they are adding a 50 mile win and Best conditioned for wma BURNING FIRE at  Indian Springs Endurance ride in New Mexico, a combined AERC/FEI competition! Catfish reports that Fires win and Best conditioned  had a 200 point difference over 2nd place! Then on day 2, he " Rode WMA FIRELIGHT in the 30 mile ride, and took third. We breezed through and just took our time over extremely rocky and technical terrain. This was both horses final requirement to be one star qualified. Team USA'S selector panel for the World Equestrian Games in 2018 was there and examined both horses thoroughly and gave great comments before and after the ride! They"ll be keeping a close watch on both girls as we now venture down the FEI Road towards qualifying for the World Equestrian Games!.." Catfish

Reference news 2016:  wma DESERT STORM:  wins in Florida 60 mile Endurance ride with Cody Boyd! He is bred by Welcome Arabians, by THE KENTUCKIAN, out of a MONARCH DAUGHTER! We have others closely related to him for sale below:

FUTURE WINNERS! Browse through these good endurance prospects and trail horses below

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DONT GET LEFT BEHIND!! " I condition my horse very well, but I still can't win. What can I do?" ----  You don't have to have a great horse to enjoy endurance, but it gives you an edge when you want to win! Welcome Arabians has 30 years experience breeding endurance winners!  A solid proven breeding program is important!

AERC DATA: WELCOME ARABIAN BRED ENDURANCE HORSES, FROM THE 1980'S TO THE PRESENT!  Welcome  Arabians has been breeding winners, best conditioned,  and sound finishers, in the USA as well as Internationally! We have quite possibly bred more successful endurance horses than any one in the USA!

WMA DESERT STORM: MARCH 2016 FIRST PLACE in Florida 60 mile Endurance ride with CODY BOYD! Desert Storm is by THE KENTUCKIAN, out of a Monarch daughter, typical of many of Welcome Arabians winners!

wma BALLERINA> May 2016 successsfully completed first endurance ride in Alabama with owner Darlene Batson  "I could really count on her!"

WESTERNS CHARM; 2016 finished top ten out of 65 riders in the HIGH ROLLER 25 miler, the first endurance ride for her and her rider!  Her second ride was March 2016 at Heart of the HIlls endurance ride, where she again went top ten, this time in the fifty miler!

wma FIRELIGHT: 2016 ran the Indian Springs New Mexico 30 miler and took third over very rocky and technical terrain, earning her first FEI star,  after finishing in the top ten several times in 2015.

WMA BURNING FIRE: First place and best condition 2016 at Indian Springs Endurance, combined AERC and FEI qualifier! Her first Two endurance competitions in 2015, two wins, two Best conditioned in California for Catfish Moe!                                                                                
WMA STEADFAST: Dennis Summers reports: After several BC awards in 2014, " Steadfast (BONGO)came in second and high vet score in his first 100 miler this year (2015), and recently (fall 2015)   took second place and high vet score in the 80 miler, Milwaukee Rail Trail Endurance Ride. Dec. 2015 has taken first place and  BEST CONDITION in 80 miler Endurance ride in Arizona! 

WMA SEA WALKER (Chunky Monkey) took B/C at his first 50 miler 2015. Susan Summers says he is turning ouT to be "good minded and talented!" He took 5th in the 50 miler Milwaukee Rail Trail ride, fall 2015 with Kendal Ingraham. 2016 won 80 miler, and tied for best condition with Susan Summers.

WMA THE CALL: Placed second in his first LD, July 19th, 2015!  Successfully completed his first 50, fall 2015!  "He is fantastic I love my  boy!" says Jamie Hughes.
OH SUSANNA: Endurance champion! Peach has been winning Endurance Races in the Northwest since 2011, after having a very successful racing career!  Recently, fall 2015, she took first place ad best conditioned for Dennis Summers at the Milwaukee Rail Trail ride!                                                      
wma SANDPIPER: First place 2014: Continued Success at endurance in  THAILAND, Her owner Wooti plans to go to 120K, FEI in the future!

wma NEWEST STYLE: 2014 winner of FEI 80 k  and two FEI  120k rides in Oaxaca, Mexico, best conditioned, for owners Bobby Ortiz and Mary Jane! Qualified for the pan-am endurance competition in the US!

wma LOVES BANNER: 2014 Her first endurance rides, finished two  thirds and a Best Conditioned in New Mexico and Texas, continuing to be successful!

FERNANDEZ: won his first endurance race at PUEBLA. His second win and best condition was a 60km  National  ride near OAXACA, MEXICO

wma OVERBOARD: A consistent winner and best conditioned, dominating his division in the midwest for Julie Jackson 2013-2014. 19 rides, 18 wins!
wma RADIANCE:  "Cinco" : 2011-2014: 8 rides: 6 firsts, and 5  best conditioned awards, one second place: at 50, 75, 80, and  100 miles! A Northwest Champion with Dennis Summers!

 wma ZEBULON : 2009 and 20:10, 2011 National Champion endurance horse of Mexico, winning over many miles of rugged terrain, mostly in Southern Mexico.

 WMA LIGHTFOOT; Another racetrack winner,was successfully  competing in Endurance  in THE CENTRAL REGION. HE was IAHA NATIONAL CHAMPION, AND  completed 3025 miles endurance miles, 90 races, including a 2nd and a third in 100 milers. He has 7 wins and 39 top 5's which included many second places,  many awards, including IAHA National Champion Endurance horse!

WMA  GODSPEED: Sired by THE KENTUCKIAN completed her first 50 mile ride to the complete happiness of her owner near San Antonio Texas!

WMA LA PRINCESSA: Now competing in 50 milers successfully for owners in West Virginia!

WMA CHALLENGE; After racing at Los Alamitos , he competed successfully in endurance for 6 years, completing 1405 miles and 28 rides with several wins and top 5's. He completed 150 miles in   3 days, taking third, third, then a win at the Death Valley ride.

wma RENEGADE:  24 rides, 24 completions, including five 100 milers, and placed 19th in the TEVIS CUP!

wma SAMUEL: Competed for 8 years, Completing 4760 miles and 96 rides!! He had 7 wins, 15 seconds, and nearly all others were in the top 10, receiving many awards--AND he is barely 14 hands tall!

wma RATTLER, "RIO": cover horse for ARABIANS magazine, featuring the Canadian Champion endurance ride in 2008! He completed 1430 miles, 43 races over 9 years. He won 19 of these races, and placed second 11 times, 9 best conditioned awards. He also finished 5th and sixth in FEI 100 milers.
wma La Pluma has competed in National competition!
WMA HOLY FIRE:  race track winner, then endurance: 20 rides, 19 completions, frm Mchigan to California!
WMA ALOOF: He competed for 8 years in endurance after winning on the racetrack. 17 rides, 8 in the top ten
WMA CISGO: Competed in 1405 miles, ten rides with 9 completions for his novice rider.
WMA SALVATION: ran successfully on the race track, now ran 8 endurance rides and completed all 8.
WMA DRAGONFLY: Ran ten rides, completed 8, all top 15.
WMA ZACCHAEUS: many times winner and runner up on the flat tracks, he competed endurance for 5 more years and 780 miles.
WMA WMA ELECT: 500 miles in endurance, completing 11 rides, all but one in the top ten.
WMA KOREM: 10 rides, 9 completions, 6 top tens.
WMA KORINA: Ten rides, 9 completions, 6 top tens, TWO BEST CONDITIONS..
WMA CALGARY: 275 miles 5 rides, 4 completed, one 100 miler top 20.
and many more!

GLORY BOUND:  4 year old filly, good bone and substance. By THE KENTUCKIAN, out of Wiking daughter! 3/4 sister to Endurance
champions wma FIRELIGHT AND WMA BURNING FIRE!  $3000 obo

WMA TITUS: Get a smooth ride on this friendly gelding!  Strong, good legs and feet, sensible, and easy to ride. $4,000  

 WMA TITUS: What an athlete! His trot can cover the miles!  Trail experience, covered the intro trail ( 12 miles) at Heart of the Hills endurance ride. He's easy to catch, a good camper, and very sensible! photo right and above. $4,000

DESTTINEE: Enjoy a great ride without worrying!  This older mare doesn't buck or spook,  she's gentle and likes attention! Great for an intermediate rider! You'll also have a high class pedigree, as she is a pure Polish daughter of Monarch ah! For Sale. Inquire: ritaandlarrydeleon@gmail.com

wma SPARKS A FLYING !This one will stand out in a crowd! He has flashy roan markings and a flaxen mane, and will  love to cover the miles with you! Very friendly, easy to catch, likes people! Sire is THE KENTUCKIAN,  $3500.

 WESTERNS CHARM: Well behaved 8 year old mare, sound, gentle and typy Arabian!  Tough and beautiful, TOP TEN AT HEART OF THE HILLS 50 MILER, where she carried a 6 foot tall rider and 185 pounds very successfully! $5,000 obo

 FANCY FAYE, four year old filly, excellent endurance prospect! Ready to start the long distance rides, and has the potential and heart  to be a winner!

 CACTUS ROSE: 2012 filly by THE KENTUCKIAN out of WIKING daughter. Good size, sound, excellent conformation, sweet and calm disposition.  3/4 sister to Catfish Moes champion endurance mares! (see above article). for sale $5000. Vet checked sound.

  photo above WMA CACTUS ROSE: above photo with 6 foot tall rider Stacey.  "I rode her myself on the Heart of the Hills intro trail!" says Rita deLeon. "she is  easy to ride, not nervous,or spooky, very willing."

above:  wma GLORY BOUND, fast smooth trot and lope for the experienced rider that wants to cover a lot of ground!  $3000

 ABOVE: WMA TITUS, three year old gelding,  sire: THE  KENTUCKIAN, dam: WMA TROPICAL . Easy to ride, good on the trails. Strong and tough endurance prospect capable of winning!  $4,000

 DESTTINEE:  Own this high class older mare and  enjoy lots of pleasure riding! She can go  English or Western, and she's good sized, about 15 hands! 

SPARKS A FLYING: sound and sensible, easy to ride! Three year old gelding, same dam as Dennis summers STEADFAST (BONGO), winning endurance gelding! 

 WESTERNS CHARM: Picture taken during the Heart of the Hills Endurance ride. In condition and ready for the next endurance ride or trail ride! Pedigree of French and Polish, soundness and speed!  for sale.

 FANCY FAYE:  Correct conformation,good legs and feet.  By THE KENTUCKIAN, out of a Wiking daughter! 3/4 sister to Catfish Moes endurance champion mares! (see top of page for story). FOR SALE:  email us at: ritaandlarrydeleon@gmail.com

FANCY FAYE and Stacey at the final vet check "The Last Hoorah!" endurance ride.  The experienced veterinarian told Stacey that this horse (Fancy Faye) has the most talent of any I have seen at this ride! She needs a good hand to ride her, and Stacey is doing a good job. Excellent comment for the first time ride!

WMA CACTUS ROSE: Successfully completed the intro ride at the HIGH ROLLER ENDURANCE RIDE, and the intro trail through the rocks and water crossings at Heart of the Hills!  Easy to ride and enjoy! $5,000