welcome arabians

                              above painting "SPRING SUNRISE", by RITA FAYE DELEON                                               2016,  '17  and '18 foals  FOR SALE!       scroll down...


                   2018 new born foal and "midwives" on Welcome Arabians ranch.

2019 colt by KASIH (Amer) out of wma FLEUR DE LIS (Burning Sand), a race winning combination of bloodlines!

2018 colt at 6 months: WMA BANDANA: Sand Tiki Special x Tikis Banner. All-American athlete pedigree!   Endurance or racing!  for sale. 

BIG BABY: 2018 filly by KASIH (AMER) out of  race winning Kador de Blaziet daughter. Race prospect

WMA FROST: 2018 gray colt by racing champion GRILLA . photo at 5 months. for sale. 

GRAND CENTRAL: 2017son of NORPHE (DORMANE) out of race winning daughter of Kador de Blaziet  (Tidjani). Photo
as a yearling..

WMA FIREBALL: Tall, gentle,   2017 colt by  NORPHE (Dormane), out of wma Fleur de Lis (Burning Sand +).  FOR SALE.

DOUBLE  PLAY:  2018 COLT BY SAND TIKI SPECIAL out of wma KENTUCKY TIKI. Double Burning Sand and double Kontiki!  FOR SALE.

wma GIFTED: 2018 colt at 4 months by SAND TIKI SPECIAL out of GIT IT by DJET SET DE FALGAS.   for sale. 
wma MIRA: AMIRAS TRAVELERS tall 2018 filly, photo at 5 months. by SAND TIKI SPECIAL. for sale. $2500
wma AMERICANA: 2018  FILLY:  by ASSY,  AMER son with race record: 11(9-2-0)2 gr1. Out of Baco du Cassou  daughter. 

wma ORCA,at 6 months,  2018 filly by SAND TIKI SPECIAL out of  race winning Monarch ah daughter. (female line to racing legend Orgia and ORLA).

PINWHEEL:  2018 filly at 5 months by Sand Tiki Special out of PIN UP by NORPHE (DORMANE), for sale.

WMA ROCKETTE: 2017 filly by NORPHE out of IBN BINT HILYURI daughter. for sale

NORTH WIND. 2017 colt by NORPHE out of            TIKIS BANNER. For Sale. $2500

wma SAND FLEE: big 2017 filly by NORPHE (DORMANE) out of  KENTUCKY TIKI. racing prospect.
BARN OWL (rt): 2017 colt, dark chestnut with flaxen mane and tail,  by NORPHE, out of race winning Monarch ah daughter Mags Rega Roya.
for sale. now n training.